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Figure 4

From: Action of combined magnetic fields on aqueous solution of glutamic acid: the further development of investigations

Figure 4

The incomplete negative resonance curve. Cell with gold electrodes and polarization 80 mV, Temperature : 22°C. L- glutamic acid, saturated solution with crystals on the bottom: pH 2.89, B: 40 μT, Bo : 40 nT. Sweep time: 200 sec, Total data current recorded :531 sec, Initial current : 112 nA, Final current : 42,48 nA. Scan rate :100 point/sec, Resonance Frequency: 3.937 Hz. The decrease in the current through the solution at the frequency near the cyclotron frequency. The abscissa: the scanning of frequency of alternating magnetic field. The ordinate: the current through the amino acid aqueous solution.

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