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Figure 8

From: Growth of etiolated barley plants in weak static and 50 Hz electromagnetic fields tuned to calcium ion cyclotron resonance

Figure 8

Long-term development of the light-grown barley plants after Ca2+ ICR exposure. Barley plants after 10 weeks greenhouse cultivation (potted on soil in one tray, daylight with natural day-night cycle, moderate temperature around 21°C). Plants were initially grown 5 d in the dark: (1, left) exposed to Ca2+ ICR condition (BDC = 65 μT, f(BAC) = 50 Hz), (2, middle) in a shielding box, (3, right) was a control culture of plants grown under the same conditions but in the absence of Ca2+ ICR. Even after this long time the retardation of the Ca2+ ICR culture (1) was still visible.

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