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Table 1 Correlation between magnetic field effects and the JC presence in eggs or embryos

From: Cortex reorganization of Xenopus laeviseggs in strong static magnetic fields

Magnetic field effects and jelly coat
Fielda Magnetb Jelly removed Effect Ref.
0 no no [4]
0.25 no no [8]
1.0 yes and no# more embryos abnormal [6]
1.5 no no [9]
6.34 yesc no [10]
8 no no [11]
17 yes cleavage plane reorientation [7]
  1. aMaximal field strength in T
  2. bTypes of magnets: E = electromagnet; SC = superconductor. Superscripts denote the application of field gradients, subscripts indicate radiofrequency pulsing as in magnetic resonance experiments.
  3. # The experiments were mainly performed on cysteine-dejellied eggs but jelly-coated embryos were mentioned to give essentially the same results.
  4. cEggs were dejellied not immediately after fertilization but about 1 h later. Description is ambiguous on whether field exposure started before or after dejellying.