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Figure 7

From: Characterisation of weak magnetic field effects in an aqueous glutamic acid solution by nonlinear dielectric spectroscopy and voltammetry

Figure 7

DNLDS resolved voltammogram dataset (normalized to spectral axis):Normalizations of the DNLDS resolved voltammogram dataset (sinewave 2 Hz with amplitude rising from 100–1100 mV, details of gaining data see text) of a Glutamic acid / HCl solution (2.24 mM, pH 2.85) under ICR Conditions (Bdc = 40 μT, Bac = 50 nT, 4.14 Hz). Datapoints are colored resp. shaded according to the scale on the right border. Normalization of the spectra for each Amplitude shows a rising proportion of higher frequencies with a local (at about 500 mV) and a total maximum (at about 700–800 mV). By contrast, the proportions of the base frequency (2 Hz) and the lower harmonics decline.

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