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Figure 4

From: Simultaneous suppression of disturbing fields and localization of magnetic markers by means of multipole expansion

Figure 4

Localization error depending on the starting point distance for one iteration. For each distance d s the start position has been moved from the dipole into 100 random directions. The mean remaining distance d r after one localization step is shown. The curves are plotted until the starting distance d r where the localization was still stable from all 100 directions. To get the result after multiple iterative localization steps, the dr-value has to be taken as the starting distance d s of the following step. We used the inner moments up to the 3rd order , , plotted in curves 3χ and the inner moments up to the 4th order , , , plotted in curves 4χ. The outer moments which were used to model the disturbing fields were none (curves χ0), 2nd order moments (curves χ2: homogeneous fields), 2nd and 3rd order moments (curves χ3: homogeneous and gradient fields), and 2nd to 4th order moments (curves χ4: external fields up to 2nd order).

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