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Table 1 Hyperthermic effect on subcutaneous tumor 12 days after the magnetite cationic liposomes injection

From: Hyperthermia using magnetite cationic liposomes for hamster osteosarcoma

Group Number of rats tested Average tumor volumea (mm3) Relative tumor volumeb Complete regressionc (%)
Control 4 3006 1 0
Treatment 4 27 0.009 75 (100% at 15 days)
  1. a: Tumor volume = 0.5 × (length × width2) b: Relative tumor volume = (average tumor volume in treatment group) / (average tumor volume in control group) c: hyperthermic effect in two groups was compared at 12 days after MCL injection since two control hamster died at 12 days. At 15 days, all treated hamsters cured completely.